Miracles and Thankfulness

Well we have had something truely wonderful happen here at our farm! I am so happy to say that everyone of our 10 dams are full!!! It’s just amazing, a miracle! A storm came through on Saturday night and gave us 70ml in just half an hour or so. We have had empty dams now for easily 2 years, and to look out of the window on Sunday morning to see them full was just incredible!! We couldn’t believe our eyes! I even had a little radio interview on our local station, I couldn’t believe that either, but it was so lovely to share a little of our story.

Like many others we have struggled through the drought. Wondered what the future will look like. Lost cattle, sold cattle, watched them struggle to survive and watched my milking cow Bessie just give up. We were mentally and physically exhausted at times. I remember the days I looked forward to night-time, it was just such a relief to not look outside. Now on the other side of this we have green grass in the paddocks, the dams are full and I have a new milking cow Maudry. So very thankful for all these blessings.

What a lovely sight!

It certainly can be a land of extremes, sometimes we wonder why we do it. But at the end of the day we just love it. We love the land, the quiet and solitude of country life, working with livestock and having all of our other animals. Growing food for ourselves and always hoping for that water that brings life. We see and hear life bursting from everywhere with precious rain. Something that we never take for granted the smell, sight and sound of rain, and all that it brings.

Some of our calves coming through

This was a quick snap shot taken a couple of weeks ago when we got our cattle in to treat them for fly and worm, and tag calves etc. It really is a family effort, we all have our jobs and if each person does their bit, the day flows nicely, well as nicely as can be, sometimes the cattle don’t always want to co-operate, but our herd is very quiet, the biggest problem we have is the occasional one that wants to stop and not move! And the odd grumpy cow that wants to be with her calf. All in all not too much to complain about.

It’s encouraging to go into the new year this way, I hope wherever you find yourself today and in the days ahead, you find moments that bring you hope and encouragement too.

Tomorrow I can’t wait to share with you my favourite Carrot Cake recipe, it’s simple and it’s delicious!!

5 thoughts on “Miracles and Thankfulness

  1. The way you write abt your life my beautiful friend is really like we participate/live it too and so wonderful to share with you the joy if all those blessings ❤️❤️❤️

  2. So happy for you, your family and your animals. What a difference green grass makes to our outlook on life!

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