In The Kitchen

Well here we are it’s Friday and another week is finishing and the weekend is just around the corner! We have had some cooler weather and some more light rain, which has been such a relief after some very hot and humid days. However the humidity and heat that we dread has made the grass in our paddocks really start to take off and grow, which is wonderful. We will be even happier to see the dams full enough to let our cattle into all of our paddocks but all in all it’s just so lovely to have green all around us again!

With the cooler weather I have been back in the kitchen baking one of our favourites to have with a cup of tea. I thought I would share it with you today, it’s so simple, keeps well and tastes great.

Five-Cup Loaf is the name of this loaf, it only makes a small loaf so if you want something a little bigger just double the recipe, but keep an eye on the cooking time.

Ingredients are 1 Cup (175g) Self-Raising Flour, 1 Cup (35g) Bran, 1/2 Cup or a good handful of chopped Dates (or mixed fruit if you prefer), 1 Cup (230g) Milk, 1 Cup Soft Brown Sugar.

Place all ingredients into a bowl. Stir and leave for about an hour.

Then place into a small loaf tin and bake at 180 Degress Celcius ( 356 Degrees Fahrenheit) for an hour, but check yours as the time gets near, all ovens are different and have their own personalities!

Lovely with a bit of butter and a cup of tea!

I don’t know about you but I have kept my hand written recipes in all sorts of different books over the years. You can buy lovely tins now with recipe cards that you write on which always catch my eye, but I just don’t find them big enough or as many in the tins as I would like. I finally found a solution! I was watching a lovely American lady on youtube a little while ago who was sharing a recipe and she went on to show her audience how she stores her recipes in a wooden box on index cards. And I thought what a great idea and they are so cheap, here in Australia you can buy a packet of 100 for about $10.

These are how I store mine in a basket with some old recipe books holding them up for now. You could use any sort of container. And if you are really efficient, number them so you can go straight to whatever recipe you want (I haven’t done that yet) but it makes a lot of sense.

Looking down into part of my orchard

I hope you all have a beautiful and safe weekend. Feel free to leave a comment, or share how you like to keep your treasured recipes.

One thought on “In The Kitchen

  1. The new green makes everything look so fresh 🤩
    And I’m sure I’ve already tasted your yummy date loaf and it’s really a recipe to keep 😁😁😁 Thanks for sharing ❤️

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